The Multi-Opportunity Real Estate Project in Brussels

Cushman & Wakefield is delighted to be the exclusive broker for the sale of Multi Tower, a unique real estate project at the heart of Brussels’ Pentagon area. Like a phoenix, this legendary landmark office building has grown out of a rich history, to play a vital role in the revival of an entire district.

Offering a vibrant mix of services, bars, restaurants and office facilities, Multi Tower is set to become a city-changing property that will generate substantial surplus value for businesses, residents, visitors and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Brouckère Tower, Tour Philips, Philips Tower: Multi Tower has borne many names since its construction in the early 1960s. Consisting of two towers, this project is one of the most important architectural landmarks attesting to the city centre’s post-war urban vision. The property was built on what once was the Zenne, the famous river running through Brussels. After the building’s renovation, the old riverbed will be visualized by the use of copper plaques in the lobby.

The challenge lies in merging this fascinating history with the high renovation and comfort standards of today. The architects from Conix RDBM have risen to the occasion and laid out a plan where light, transparency and the original grandeur go hand in hand.


The spirit of the ‘60s will remain alive even after the renovation. Without altering the historical design, impressive windowpanes will allow an abundance of light into the main lobby. The two ground floors will be combined, and throughout the building reclaimed building materials will be used to highlight the authentic feel of the property: Jules Wabbes design tiles from Fortis’ executive offices, certain elements from the De Ligne building from Dexia, outside tiles brought in from the Zand in Bruges… The whole project will be an ode to the circular economy.

Part of the ground floor may be made accessible to the public, however that depends on the future tenants’ plans. Without a doubt, Multi Tower will transform an office building into a venue that will be an urban experience hub with an impressive public value.


Brussels’ Pentagon area, in which Multi Tower is located, follows the course of the inner city highway and has a history dating back to 979. We won’t go back that far, but let’s take a leap back to 1831, when Brussels became the Belgian capital. At that point, it became a point of keen interest for Belgian nobility and international investors. A long period of rebuilding and shaping the city began, with an avant-garde taste for ground-breaking modernity.

Today, this architecture has a bad reputation in Brussels, due to over-development by zealous property developers and backroom deals with politicians. Many gigantic projects have been built at the cost of quality of life for the local residents. The buildings were erected without a plan for the surroundings, and without any free space around them, thus destroying lively working-class neighbourhoods and pushing their residents out of the city.

After the second world war, the architectural style became more traditional again. However, at the end of the 1950s, partly due to the enormous success of Expo 58, the modern architectural style was revived. Many of Brussels’ most important and well-known landmark buildings were designed to be cities within the city. Apartments, offices, theatres, expo halls, banks, clinics, parking spaces, etc. They were all fitted into enormous buildings that popped up across the city.

Multi Tower is the finest example of the fact that those days are over for good. What once was a display of failed urban planning, is set to become a future-proof project that combines the needs for quality office space with neighbourhoods’ desire for open space, services and hospitality businesses.

Multi Tower Brussels - Map


Multi Tower will break down the barriers between the different areas surrounding the building, thus creating a common area for all people and unifying the surroundings, as well as other crucial city projects. It will foster liveliness and interactivity, and as such is perfectly suited to this fully developing city area. A pedestrian path with shops will connect the Boulevard with Place Saint-Catherine, making for a beautiful walkway to and from this unique neighbourhood.

Multi Tower is an essential part of Brussels’ regeneration plan for its city centre, transforming it into an energetic futureproof hub where living, doing business and enjoying life go hand in hand.


International companies and investors are wooed by the architecture and location of Multi Tower. That’s why WeWork, the international frontrunner in coworking spaces, has decided to open its main Belgian branch at this location. Audrey Barbier-Litvak puts it this way:

Brussels is the European Union’s epicentre, and an active market for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The perfect hotspot for a company like ours.”

Audrey Barbier-Litvak – WeWork General Manager France and Southern Europe

WeWork’s coworking spaces will take up 16,500 square metres: one third of the entire building.

In addition, bpost, the stock-listed Belgian postal service, has also decided to occupy this property for a total of 15,000 sq m.


Investing in Multi Tower means investing in a unique landmark building with countless opportunities, located at the heart of Europe’s capital. As Brussels is home to several key political institutions such as the EU parliament, the European Council and NATO, it is an international triple-A location that attracts EU-related organization and international corporate occupiers. Within this triple-A location, Multi Tower lies in the neighbourhood that’s most sought-after. It certainly sets the standard when it comes to real estate excellence.


No time to read it all? Here are Multi Tower’s essential features in a nutshell:

  • Unique renovation project
  • Landmark building from the ‘60s
  • Offering exceptional 360° views over Brussels
  • BREEAM certification (pending)
  • 19 floors, 41,200 square metres of multifunctional space
  • Underground parking for 490 vehicles (operated by Interparking)
  • 32 private parking units
  • Bicycle storage, archive facilities and 10 electric car stations

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